The Golden K is Back!

As many followers of The Golden K know from blogs of their own writing is not a science and neither is the organization of ones thoughts.  The lines between my other blog site called Golden Kali and this one, called The Golden K, often blur.  Golden Kali is about my two Golden Retrievers who live with my wife and I at the Golden K located in the Sierra Nevada Foothills of Northern California.  The Golden K is about my romantic perspective of life at 3100 feet.  Part of that romance is my two dogs, my wife and I living our dream in the mountains.

Because of the blur, a couple of months ago I decided to merge the two blog sites.  I thought by doing so I would be able to post more often, be more concise, entertaining, and able to leverage the combined beauty of my Golden Kali and her baby sister Kloe with the beauty of the Golden K.  I was wrong.  I ended up posting less and struggling with capturing the two main themes of my life within a single blog.

So, The Golden K is back with a promise to posts one to two times a week.  If you began following Golden Kali during the failed merge I hope you will also continue to check in there to see what she and her sister Kloe are up to, which often times is shenanigans.

You can find us all here:

You can also follow us on Instagram:

Warm regards from the Golden K.


3 thoughts on “The Golden K is Back!”

  1. Thanks for the link, so I can follow both blogs! And sometimes you just have to try something new to see if it works out. Good for you for being able to see that it wasn’t working as you expected and being willing to change it back. I look forward to more of your posts!

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