A Gifted Artist

A competent artist can change the mood of the scene or highlight an intended subject with a simple brush stroke or dab of different colors from their palette.   And a gifted artist, like Mother Nature, can do so much more simply by adding moisture followed by a few dabs of sunlight.  And so it has been this week when the Foothills finally received some much needed rain.

This time of year the yellow and red colors from the oak trees that were so appreciated during Autumn now lay on the ground in the form of brown leaves.  The limbs of the dogwoods and maples are barren and sit dormant conserving energy for when they are called to center stage later this year.  The ephemerals and wildflowers from last year are turning to mulch as they wait for rebirth in the next few months.

I was reminded earlier this week of that gifted artist who never rests.  She works around the clock often in the darkness of night.  Sometimes when we wake up the next morning the scene -the colors, tones, and brushstrokes- have changed just enough to influence our perspective and outlook on life.

So it was earlier this week, after a few days of rain, that Kloe and I went for a walk up and down the roads that border the Golden K.   Often times Kloe’s version of stopping to smell the roses on our walks is to stop and watch the horses that graze in the front of a neighbor’s property.  Horses grazing are a peaceful site and Kloe and I both appreciate and understand.  As we approach in silence, that silence is momentarily broken by the screech of a red tailed hawk flying overhead.  The sound of the hawk adds to the artistry of the scene.  The green grasses that seemingly emerged overnight are beautiful.  The color of my Kloe’s red hair contrasted against the background of the green grass is beautiful.  The blue sky overhead is brilliant.

And these colletive moments in time, on this day, is my romantic perspective of life at 3100 feet.




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